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Welcome to DSFH Patient Portal\H-Connect

To create new account please follow the below guidelines:

1. Click create an account.

2. Enter your Valid Medical Record Number with Dr. Fakeeh Hospital.

2.1.1 In case you don't have have valid Medical Record Number, sorry you will not be able to register on DSFH Patient Portal\H-Connect.

2.1.2 Click the ID Types and select from the list box (Iqama , Insurance ID, etc ).

2.1.3 If no list appears in the ID Types, you will need to update your demographics (Basic Information) at the reception in your next visit to Dr. Fakeeh Hospital.

2.1.4 Enter the ID number that match your selection while the system will validate your entries for more security, and Status message will appear in Red

3. Enter the Username, Password and re-enter the password for confirmation.

4. Read & click Accept the DSFH Terms and conditions (Disclaimer Agreement) for DSFH Patient Portal\H-Connect.

5. You will receive SMS having the PIN code on your registered mobile phone number with Dr. Fakeeh Hospital computer system.

6. Logon and Enter your Username & Password to Access DSFH Patient Portal\H-Connect.

7. Enter the received PIN code to activate your account.

for technical support please send email to Hconnect-support@drfakeehhospital.com

Thanks for visiting and using our new Patient Portal\H-Connect, and happy to received your feedback.


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